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reporter gif Written by Bev Cielnicky, President of Crusade for Life and other pro-life authors as noted. All articles may be reproduced if credit is given to source and/or author.
Life Amendment Report - Spring 2019
What is the worry about Common Core? Posted January, 2014

Emancipation Proclamation of Preborn Children
President Ronald Reagan

Jeremiah's Miracle Story
Cypress Abortion Clinic Closes
Standing In The Gap
Operation Outcry
Christians Must Decide
Christians Must Decide To Acknowledge When Life Begins
Christians Must Decide That All Human Life Is Sacred
Christians Must Test This Knowledge Against Society's Current Ethics
Different Kinds Of Abortion
How Can Christians Become Salt and Light
Black Genocide
Slavery / Abortion Similarities
A Historical View of Eugenics and Its Role in Abortion in Black America  By Juluette Bartlett Pack
Reaching Out to the African American Community with Pro-Life Education
Abortion Breast Cancer Link
Studies Overwhelmingly Show Link
What is the Reason
What is the Danger
What are some of the Problems in Studying This Link
Important Studies
No Church is an Island
Why Are We Concerned?
Why aren't Christians doing more?
IS IT TOO LATE - for a person or for a country?
Replacement People
What Happens When There Isn't A Replacement Fertility Rate
Are There Solutions?
America Has A Chance At This Time To Change The Culture From Death To One Of Life - We Must All Try
Stem Cells
Global Warming
Parental Notification
Social Security, Medicare and Illegals
March of Dimes
Abortion Facts
Abortion and Racism
Planned Parenthood
Racing for the Cure? Don't Be Fooled
How Judges Are Remaking America
Why is this Happening
A President's Legacy
Power of Judges Verses Legislators and the People
God and the Innocent - Our Nation is Under Blood Guilt
China - An Example of Complete Government Control
Counseling Tips: Helping People Choose Life, Not Abortion
Fr. Frank Pavone, Founding Director of Priests for Life
There's No Such Thing as Mercy Killing
By Mike Ervin
When Human Cloning is Not Science Fiction
By Suzanne Fields
Self Magazine Accused of Bias on Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
Source:  Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer; July 25, 2002
Stem Cell Research
Terry Schiavo's Final Hours 
By Fr. Frank Pavone Bioethics Review
Collateral Damage - from 37 years of legalized abortion
By Bev Cielnicky President of Crusade For Life

Women and Abortion
Maternal Complications
Emotional Problems
Abortion and Hypocrisy
Abortion and Breast Cancer
Depression from Abortion can Lead to Suicide
Abortion and Subsequent Children
Families and Child Aversion
Who Has Been Killed
Legal Abortion Leads to a Disrespect for Life

Are All Governments Evil and Demonic
Biblical Support for Significant Christian Influence in the State
Should Believers Be Involved in Politics
Should Government Exclude Religion
The Bridge
Wrong Views Regarding Christians and Government
Why A Human Life Amendment Is Important
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