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  Report Vol 16 No 4  
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John 3:20
"Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed."


ABC - Abortion / Breast Cancer Link


The abortion/breast cancer link is the most insidious cover-up since abortion was made legal in all states up to term for any reason in 1973. Why do those professing to be for women's rights deny by omission the right of a pregnant woman to know all the facts before getting an abortion? Is the bottom line profit? Or is it politics? Whatever the reasons, all evidence points to a massive cover-up!


Worldwide, 28 of 37 studies and 13 of 15 United States studies show abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. One study in the U.S., entirely based on medical records, showed a 90% increase in breast cancer after an abortion. Nationally breast cancer has gone up 40% since 1973 when Roe v Wade made abortion legal.


Dr. Joel Brind, who has worked eight years on the abortion/breast cancer link, is Professor of Endocrinology at Baruch College, City University of New York. He writes, "Estrogen is the hormone--the chemical messenger--that turns a girl's body into a woman's body at puberty. After puberty, the levels of estrogen rise and fall twice with each menstrual cycle. If conception occurs, significantly elevated levels of estrogen can be detected as early as 5 days after conception. By 7 to 8 weeks gestation a pregnant woman's blood already contains six times more estrogen than it did at the time of conception."

WHAT IS THE DANGER? Brind continues: "How estradiol, or estrogens in general, relate to breast cancer risk, has to do with their role in the growth of breast tissue. The cells in the breast which are responsive to estrogen are those which are primitive, or undifferentiated. If a woman therefore has gone through some weeks of a normal pregnancy, and then aborts that pregnancy, she is left with more of these cancer-vulnerable cells (undifferentiated cells) than she had in her breasts before she was pregnant.  In contrast, a full term pregnancy results in full differentiation of the breast tissue for the purpose of milk production."

"Not surprising, then, most known risk factors for breast cancer are characterized by some form of estrogen overexposure." This could also happen when a pregnancy is suddenly interrupted due to a trauma such as a car accident. Most miscarriages are often the result of lower than normal estrogen and don't produce the same problem. Although other factors such as obesity, chronic alcohol use, never having children, having children later, having more menstrual cycles, also contribute to breast cancer because of an increase in estrogen, these have always been present. Yet, breast cancer has increased by 40% since abortion became legal in 1973. Breast cancer has also dramatically gone up worldwide. Most countries also have legalized abortion.

On March 13, 2000 the United Kingdom's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists became the first medical organization to warn its abortion practitioners that Dr. Brind's review was methodologically sound and that the abortion-breast cancer link "could not be disregarded." He prepared a paper,"The Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer: What Every Woman in the World has a Right to Know" for workshops at the United Nations in New York. www.abortioncancer.com

Another good link is www.abortionbreastcancer.com)


To quote Dr. Brind's article in the New York Guardian (July 1993) "...legalized abortion has already contributed substantially to the rising tide of breast cancer, which is currently estimated to strike about one in eight American women...If this is news to you, it is only because the pro-abortion movement would rather pretend this is not so. If pro-abortionists were really interested in women's 'choice', abortion clinics would have been warning potential clients about the increased breast cancer risk."

Time is a problem. If breast cells become cancerous and start dividing, it can take up to 8 years for this to show up on a mammogram. Many women who had an abortion or abortions before their first pregnancy won't get breast cancer until later in life.  There is an extremely long timeline to follow in many cases.  Studies with rats have shown the same result in much less time.

Cover-up is a problem. Major organizations such as The American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, Planned Parenthood, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (this group sponsors many of the "Run For The Cure" events) and of course the Media refuse to even talk about the abortion breast cancer link.

Dishonesty is another problem. When a study shows the link, it is shelved or even misinterpreted. If a study shows no link, it is publicized even if there are many flaws. For every study that presumes to show no link, there are three or four studies that show a link.


In 1970 the World Health Organization  (WHO) published the results of its study on reproductive experience in relation to the incidence of breast cancer. The study of more than 17,000 women in seven locations on four continents, gained knowledge which is still undisputed 30 years later. "Women who begin bearing children at a young age are less likely to get breast cancer than those who have children later, or those who have no children at all." (McMahon B. et al., W.H.O.1970) Concerning abortion, the W.H.O. scientists said their results "suggested increased risk associated with abortion--contrary to the reduction in risk associated with full-term births."

Dr. Janet Daling, an abortion supporter, did a study at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She was lead author of the only published study specifically commissioned by the National Cancer Institute to investigate the link between abortion and breast cancer, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 86, No. 21, pp. 1584-1592, Nov. 2, 1994. She found:

  • An induced abortion increased the risk of breast cancer before age 45 by 50%
  • If done before 18 years of age, it increased by 150%
  • If done after 30 years of age, it increased by 110%
  • If abortion woman had a family member with breast cancer, after 30 years her risk increased by 270%
  • All 12 women in the study, with a family history of cancer, who aborted before age 18, got breast cancer before age 45

Dr. Daling writes in the L.A. Daily News, Sept., 1997, "I have three sisters with breast cancer and I resent people messing with the scientific data to further their own agenda, be they pro-choice or pro-life.  I would have loved to have found no association between breast cancer and abortion, but our research is rock solid and our data is accurate."

Although Planned Parenthood claims abortion is safer than childbirth, 1 maternal death per 100,000 abortions, actually, an additional 11,000 women will die a year because of the abortion/breast cancer link. The most preventable cause of breast cancer is not having an abortion(s) and carrying a first pregnancy to term.

John Kindley, an attorney, "Estimating a twenty-five percent mortality rate, this figure would suggest that about 1 out of 100 women who have had an induced abortion die from breast cancer attributable to the abortion."

Dr. Willke, "Because of the increase in breast cancer cases after an abortion, there will be at least an additional 44,000 cases of breast cancer of which 25% or 11,000 additional women will die of breast cancer every year." (from The Deadly After-Effect of Abortion Breast Cancer, 1996. Hayes Pub. Co., 6304 Hamilton Ave, Cinn. Oh 45224)

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