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After more than 25 years of doing abortions, Family Planning Associates in Cypress is closed. More than 50 people gathered on a chilly morning on March 9, 2001 to Praise the Lord that this killing center would no longer kill the most innocent among us, the preborn baby. First special prayers were said and then everyone went through the now vacant rooms. It was with a mixture of joy, to know there would be no more killing at this location, but also sadness to know that in these very rooms, thousands had lost their lives. Everyone was emotionally touched with a special sense of thankfulness.

Pastor Al Howard writes, "We had a victory celebration at the address where thousands of late term abortions were done. We were given a tour of the building, which was my first time to step inside one of the surgery rooms  where abortions were actually performed. I had been arrested at this location along with a number ofabortion room jpg others who were with us on this solemn, chilling occasion. It's hard to discuss the feeling over us as we looked at the giant sinks where the abortionists would wash the blood from their hands after their grisly work was done."  One of our mothers from His Nesting Place was with us and we could see the pain in her face. As tears filled her eyes, she was remembering every moment, sharing about what she went through here. The horror that took place in this building was simply overwhelming as thoughts of all those women with protruding stomachs, in their second and third trimesters, gathered here from everywhere having bought "the lie" that to abort their babies was the answer to their answer to their problems.

Gloria Butler Jacobsen, who was with Chief Edward J. Allen and Ralph Buglione when they were arrested at this clinic in 1984, writes, "It was an overwhelming feeling to walk into this place where the death of children had occurred on a daily basis for the past 25 years. Once inside, I stood shoulder to shoulder with the valiant men and women who had stood outside, some for years, praying and counseling the desperate women who had come for an abortion. Many pregnant women chose life because of their prayers, love and support. In my imagination, I could see Chief Allen and Ralph Buglione rejoicing with us in heaven at the closing of this chamber of horrors!" 

Red Jacobsen adds, "Auschwitz ein Cypress. Good-by to mass murder where the womb becomes the chamber of death - no less a holocaust because it happens one at a time."

Don Smith, the producer of the film "Conceived in Liberty", which documented the arrest of Chief and Ralph, remembers, "Allred's Cypress clinic was a modern Dachau. Let's make its closing into a national process that reaches all the other abortion clinics. May they go down like a row of dominoes."

Many of the faithful Sidewalk Counselors were present. Hector Rubio has gone, often with his son, Joe, five days a week for the last 18 years. Jane Turtzer and Liz Simon have been faithful for fifteen years, going at least once a week. George Kubeck has not only been active for several years but has gotten his KOC active as well. He keeps many pro-lifers informed with informational news items and interesting facts. He especially felt the three local churches in the vicinity should have done more - a Catholic Church, a Mormon Church and a Calvary Chapel. As with every clinic, the Pastors need to lead the people in great numbers to the local killing center for intercessory prayer and repentance. They are the Shepherds. Where this has consistently happened, the clinics have closed down. 

Tom Nagle, Ann Egan, John Marco, Fred Navarro, Lyn Sarner and Linda Gaitly have also been devoted counselors over the years. And last but not least there's Mechi Grothues. She has faithfully been at the Cypress clinic for the 25 years it has been open. She says seeing the clinic closed was hard to believe. "I could hardly believe it! I felt numb." She and Ralph started a Shield of Roses prayer group. She tried to go on Friday because that's when the laminaria were inserted to cause a late term abortion and the women were more receptive to the counselors. Mechi is originally from Germany. She doesn't want her children and grandchildren to ask her what she did about the American holocaust the way people asked her parents' generation about the Nazi holocaust.

How did God answer the many prayers? When an abortionist opens in an office complex and the other businesses who have leases learn that there is an abortion clinic in the building, they often leave and it's hard to find replacements. This building was one third empty! After three dentists moved out, the owner of the building would tell the pro-lifers, "Buy the building. I have a balloon payment coming up and I can't get a loan." And finally it happened. A buyer got it cheap. Half of the building is being torn down and condos are being built. 

To quote Pastor Al again, "As we stood inside the surgery room of that abortion clinic, I couldn't help but think, if only we could have every pastor in California stand in this room, they would weep at their indifference for these 28 years of legalized abortion." 


Pastors all over Southern California are being challenged to go with their congregations to an abortion clinic and pray for one hour. "Couldest not thou watch one hour? Watch ye and pray..." Mark 14:37 They will be praying and standing in the gap between life and death. "I looked for a man among them who would build up a wall, and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none." Ezekiel 22:30 

Won't you call for a packet to take to your pastor? Let's have every abortion clinic covered by prayer. It does work. Joan Okada of Cornerstone Church in Anaheim went to her pastor and he responded and about thirty came from the church on Saturday, April 28th to pray at the Allred abortion clinic on Chapman right off the 57 fwy in Orange. This building has a huge for lease sign on it. Pray it will also close. This is happening at a San Diego clinic where the abortionist's lease will not be renewed next year!


One in four women in America are hurting from past abortions as well as thousands of men, grandparents and others who have participated in the taking of a life through an abortion. Now you and others who are concerned, can help stop this holocaust.

Roe v Wade and Doe v. Bolton can be overturned with your help and prayers.

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