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Some of the resources listed topically in the table below are Prolife Power Products. For a complete listing of these unique products click the Power image





Pamphlet   What Every Christian Needs to Know About Abortion


Pamphlet   Bloodguilt in Christianity: The Legacy of Abortion


DVD   Silent Scream - Spanish or English (graphic)
4. Article   The Silent Scream Story - article written by Don Smith
5. Pamphlet   Truth or Consequences (graphic)
6.  Bible Study   A Christian Response to Abortion
7. Link   America Must Decide (some parts are graphic)
8. PDF Version   Key Scriptures Concerning Abortion
9. Booklet   Ending Abortion in America by Don Smith
10. Booklet   Achieving The Constitutional Life Amendment by Don Smith
11. Series of Articles   Black Genocide - Johnnie Hunter and other authors
12. Brochure   Does a Birth Control Pill Cause an Abortion?
1. VHS / DVD   The Right To Kill
2. YouTube video   The Right To Kill
3.  Bible Study   A Christian Response to Euthanasia
1. Book   Breast Cancer - It's Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill
2. Book   Forbidden Grief - The Unspoken Pain of Abortion
3. Article   Clinical Depression Linked To Abortion - British Medical Journal
1. Proclamation   Emancipation Proclamation of Preborn Children
Written by: President Ronald Reagan
2. Book   INNOCENT BLOOD, America’s Final Trial, by Donald S. Smith
3. Book   Their Blood Cries Out - The Penalty for Shedding Innocent Blood
4. Book   The Destruction of the West, A Spiritual Assessment
5. Book   The Power of Jesus Christ, by Don Smith PDF 89 pages
6. Book   Don Smith Book
7. Poster   The Destruction of the West - poster
8. Booklet   Standing in the Gap Prayer Booklet
9. Stamps   Commemorative Non-postage Stamps
10. Pamphlet   America's Most Dangerous Choice
11. VHS / DVD   Your Crisis Pregnancy (Spanish or English)
12. Article   Counseling Tips: Helping People Choose Life, Not Abortion
13. Article   Personhood - The question of when is the preborn a person
14.  Video   Personhood - Actual recording of Supreme Court discussion of personhood
15. PDF   Precious Feet Pin  -  History of
16. Link   Prenatal Pictures
17. Link   Petition for a Life Amendment
18. Getting Involved   Pro-Life Information Table
19. Pro-Life Voting   Pro-Life Pledge
20.  California   California Republican 2012-2016 Platform on Life
21. PDF Version   Pro-life Scriptures
22. Website   Heartlink (Human Development Resource Council)  pro-life resources
23. Website   Life Cycle Books : pro-life resources of all types including books
24. Prolife Curriculum   Raising Life Loving Kids
25. Booklet   Achieving The Constitutional Life Amendment by Don Smith
26. Booklet   How The Life Amendment Benefits America by Don Smith
Stem Cell      
1. Prolife Report   Stem Cell Research