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Replacement People 

replacement people jpgWho are these “Replacement People”?  They are groups or individuals coming to the countries where contraception is widely used; where young people are not marrying; where pregnancies end in an abortion; where the original population is not replacing themselves and where they can find good work and a better life. The best example of this new phenomenon is in Europe.  It is called “Demographic Winter”.  The original Europeans are not replacing themselves and workers from all over the world - particularly from Muslim countries - are filling the gap.  What is the possible result?  In Italy, for example, the birthrate is so low that in the future there may not be any true Italian descendants and it will be a nation of immigrants/Replacement People.

In a speech entitled “How to Take the Chill Out of Demographic Winter” given to the New Generation Church, Liga, Latvia, November 15, 2007, by Don Feder, (www.donfeder.com) a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant, he said, “In weighing the fate of humanity, one number is crucial -- 2.1.  That¹s the number of children the average woman must have during her lifetime just to achieve population stability or equilibrium -- where you¹re not losing people by attrition. Why 2.1? Because a woman has to replace herself.  Then she has to replace her partner.  A fertility rate of more than 2.1 means population growth. Less than 2.1 equals population decline.  There are now 59 nations – with 44% of the world¹s population -- that have below-replacement fertility rates.”

Among these countries is Russia at a fertility rate of 1.17. In Russia today, almost as many children are aborted as are born alive. The overall European rate is 1.3 with Italy at 1.2, meaning that Italy will lose almost half of its people in every generation. As Feder says, “The average Italian child born today won’t have brothers or sisters.  Most also won’t have cousins, aunts or uncles.  Demographic winter is a lonely, as well as a chilly place.” He goes on, “Many of these countries are referred to as 4-2-1 societies.  In the future, 4 grandparents and 2 parents will be supported by one child.”  The only way these nations keep up their labor force is with replacement people.  In Europe this means Muslims.

In Japan there is a similar story. In an article entitled “Japan in the Death Spiral” by Brian Clowes, PhD, a guest columnist for Human Life International (www.hli.org), he writes, “An impending white paper by the
Japanese government tells us that the “foundation of communities” – police, fire and other basic services - will be threatened by the country’s declining birthrate and aging population. This paper correctly identifies the source of the problem - that Japanese are simply not having enough children.  For a nation to replace its population, each woman must have an average of 2.1 children per family.  Japanese women average a disastrously low one child.” 

What is the result? In 2007 the Japanese Association of Acute Medicine became the first organization to recommend euthanasia for the terminally ill. In Japan 2,000 schools have closed and 60,000 teachers have lost their jobs. Elderly Japanese women cuddle robotic dolls to replace grandchildren. To quote Clowes, “After all, if a government promotes “family planning” for decades, if it drills into people’s heads the idea that children are messy, noisy, expensive, and bad for the environment, once it has promoted and funded millions and millions of abortions, there is really no way back.  As proof, an amazing 70% of young Japanese single women say they have no intention of getting married. The only solution to the plague of depopulation is to rekindle the love of God and children in the people’s hearts.  The Japanese must undo three decades of anti-natalist propaganda with an intensive program of teaching the people the value of family, the beauty and joy that children provide, and the satisfaction of fidelity to a husband or a wife until death.  These are not religious values, these are human values and they are the only answer to the death of a nation.”


*      Paying people to have children works.  False
Many countries are seeing the bleak future without children and are paying or giving other incentives to have more children.  Although this can help people who want large families, this generally doesn¹t work for those who don¹t want a family.  This has been tried unsuccessfully in Russia, Japan and in European countries.


*      There is a connection between economics and procreation. True and False
Western Europe has a good economy and is below replacement rate and Russia has a poor economy and also is way below replacement rate. This actually leads to fewer and fewer young people to pay for social security or pensions for the elderly leading to rationing of services and even euthanasia.


*      Does a population decline mean economic decline?  Again True and False
Probably true in Japan where they don¹t want to import workers of another ethnic group and in Europe they will and are importing workers and consequently losing their national identity. A no win situation.


*      The environment will be better off.  False
With a huge older population there won¹t be enough money for cleaning up the pollution.  What about National and State Parks?  Something will have to
be sacrificed.



Don Feder lists some of the reasons this has happened along with corresponding solutions.

1. Birth Control and abortion - From the very beginning, starting with Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood, abortion was used for ethnic cleansing - the Anglo Saxon race wasn¹t targeted but they have done it to themselves. Islam doesn¹t need to win with a war, Muslims just have more children.  Pastor Matt Trewhella writes about a book that changed his life. The Bible and Birth Control by the late Charles Provan convicted Trewhella to reverse his vasectomy. They now have nine children instead of just two.

2. Urbanization and delayed marriage make having a family harder.

3. Entertainment media tells us that satisfaction comes from careers, relationships, travel, challenges met and overcome - but not from children.

4. The decline of marriage, cohabitation and the promotion of homosexual couples all come against having children, especially when abortion is available as in the EU.

5. Lack of faith - Europe has a weekly church attendance of 5%, while in the United States, 42% attend religious services weekly.  The U.S. has a fertility rate of 2 -- just about replacement level while Europe¹s is at 1.3 -- below sustainability. U.S. churches are full.  The question is: When has your pastor spoken about this issue?

Feder ends by saying, “Traditional believers -- be they Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, evangelical or charismatic -- see a world that is not centered on the individual.  They believe in commitments, otherwise known as commandments. They willingly embrace a life filled with obligations – to past and future, to progenitors and posterity, to humanity and Heaven and they have faith -- in their families, in their future and in their God. Fertility rates can be explained by a simple formula: Those who have faith in the future have children. Those who don’t – don’t.”

Recall the first commandment in the Bible: “Be fruitful and multiple and replenish the Earth.” This is not an instruction to Adam and Eve alone, but a universal imperative. For those who are physically able to fulfill the commandment, it is not optional.  God is just. In Leviticus, after giving His law to the Children of Israel, as set forth in Deut. 30:19, God tells them: “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you. I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.”  You choose life; you get life -- including descendants. You choose death -- in the form of population control, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, secularism, consumerism, unthinking environmentalism, selfishness and live-for-moment ethic -- and you get death, including no descendants.
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