Much has been written over the years concerning pro-life vs. abortion; however, personhood has always been the central issue. If the preborn is a fellow person then he or she is entitled to all of the protection of our laws in the same way as any other person. This was clearly understood by Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun as can be seen by the following statement he made during the hearing of Roe v. Wade.

“If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant’s case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the Amendment.”

Justice Harry Blackmun, Roe v. Wade

The following link is a recording of the actual conversation. Roe v Wade

We all know the outcome of Roe v. Wade but questions still remain:

  • Is the preborn human?
  • Is it possible for the preborn to be a human being but not be a person?

The question was, and still is, when does the tiny preborn become a person? Shouldn't a civilized society err on the safe side?