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silent screem jpg This is the original version of the 1984 film, entitled Silent Scream. It is narrated by obstetrician and former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson who accurately explains what "abortion on demand" means.

Be forewarned that during this twenty eight minute DVD an actual abortion is shown being performed and the reaction of the doomed infant can be graphically seen throughout the process.

What is needed in the abortion versus pro-life debate is accurate medical information. Medical technology has advanced since this film was produced but the message it contains is just as accurate today as it was then. An innocent life is taken.

Abortion advocates have criticized this video as not being medically accurate and have tried to say that the preborn are not aware of their surroundings in the first trimester, can not feel pain, etc. Then why did this little baby's heart rate nearly double as the abortion started?

The full length original version of this film  can be found on YouTube by clicking on this Silent Scream link.


Crusade for Life has this DVD available in English or Spanish for $15.00 which includes shipping. See contact information below.

Crusade for Life, Inc.
18030 Brookhurst St., Box 372
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Order by phone: (714) 963-4753

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