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Thank you for coming to this special church curriculum web site. We have endeavored to put together supplemental materials to aid in teaching the pro-life message. These supplements are for the Sunday School Teacher, CCD or Confirmation Teacher, Youth Leader, Christian School Teacher, Homeschooling Parent or a parent/grandparent. We all have children and young people in our lives who need to hear and learn the pro-life message. It is an exciting message as we are all made in God’s image, God hears our prayers and we can have an impact on future generations. God bless you as you reach out to impress on young minds the importance of all life – born and unborn.



The following four units make up a pro-life curriculum entitled Raising Life Loving Kids.  Each unit is age specific and contains ideas for teaching the pro-life message from infancy through adulthood in a class at a church or at home. 

The additional materials listed at the end of each unit are included as an aid to help a person/teacher acquire more information on these important life-learning lessons.

The PDF version includes page numbers for easier referencing and it can also be placed in a 3-ring binder if the user desires to do so.



I. PRO-LIFE CURRICULUM for Preschool/Lower Elementary

  • Introduction
  • Activity Ideas
  • Bulletin Board Ideas
  • Sample Lesson Plan From Homeschooling Mom Of Six
  • Additional Material For The Teacher, Parent and Child

II. PRO-LIFE CURRICULUM for Upper Elementary/Middle School

  • Introduction
  • Preparation
  • Lesson 1:     God Himself Forms A Child In The Womb
  • Lesson II:    God's Jealous Love for the Preborn and Wrongness of Abortion
    Handouts: Diary of an Unborn Child and Fetal Development Fact Sheet
  • Lesson III:  When Things Go Wrong
  • Additional Sample Lesson: for the more mature by Kathy Lowers – homeschooler and mother of 6, including one who is autistic.
  • Supplemental material for the teacher, parent and student

III. PRO-LIFE CURRICULUM for High School/College/Young Adults

INTRODUCTION - this unit is written especially for the Youth Pastor and/or Youth Leader

FIRST: Keeping the Young Person Pure
SECOND: Helping Youth Pastors and Parents Prepare Pro-life Students
  • Know the history of our country from a biblical viewpoint
  • Know the scriptures pertaining to the life issues
  • Know the facts on fetal development and what abortion is, what abortion does to the baby and to the mother
THIRD Equipping Pro-life Young People to Become Salt and Light in Their School and Community
  • A Christian Response to Issues Facing all Societies (Evolution) (Intelligent Design)
  • Bioethical Issues
FOURTH: Involving Young People in a Pro-life Ministry 
FIFTH: There is Help
  • Help for the Pregnant Young Person
  • If it is too late: Help for the Post-abortive Person
IV. PRO-LIFE CURRICULUM for Parents/Grandparents/All Adults
  • Raising Life Loving Kids: Suggestions by parents who have succeeded
  • Activities and Referrals for Adults Who Want to Know and Do More