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Given factual information most people will make the right choices. Sadly, when it comes to women's health and the abortion issue the adverse side effects are not mentioned or, at best, downplayed by abortion advocates.

Women are entitled to full disclosure of all the latest medical information when making medical decisions of any kind. 

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Breast Cancer - It's Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill
Forbidden Grief - The Unspoken Pain of Abortion

Abortion Questions & Answers (revised) written by Dr. and Mrs. Willke deals with the abortion/pro-life issue from a medical doctor's perspective. The entire book is available on line in PDF format at the link above including the table of contents. Chapters 21-24 deal specifically with health issues and are entitled:

Chapter 21  Maternal Complications/Immediate
Chapter 22  Maternal Deaths and Long Term Complications
Chapter 23  Neonatal and Childhood Sequelae
Chapter 24  Breast Cancer

Abortion Breast Cancer Link


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