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PDF Version of Pro-Life Curriculum

2014 Edition

3 Ring Binder Cover Sheet  
Welcome and Introduction  
Curriculum Contents c
Unit I - Preschool/Elementary
page 1 Contents
page 2 Introduction
page 3 Activity Ideas
page 4 Bulletin Board Ideas
page 5 Sample Lesson Plan From Homeschooling Mom Of Six
pages 6-8 Additional Material For The Teacher, Parent and Child
Unit II - Upper Elementary/Middle School
page 1 Contents
page 2 Introduction
page 3 Preparation
pages 4-5 Lesson I
pages 6-8 Lesson II
page 9 Lesson III
page 10 Additional Sample Lesson
pages 10-13 Additional Material
Unit III - High School/College/Young Adults
page 1 Contents  
page 2 Introduction  
pages 3-4 First Keeping the Young Person Pure
pages 5-7 Second Helping Youth Pastors and Parents Prepare Pro-life Students.....
  • Know the History of our Country from a Biblical Viewpoint
  • Know the Scriptures Pertaining to the Life Issues
  • Know the Facts on Fetal Development and What Abortion is, What Abortion does to the Baby and to the Mother
pages 8-13 Third Equipping Pro-life Young People to Become Salt and Light in Their School and Community
  • A Christian Response to Issues Facing all Societies (Evolution) (Intelligent Design)
  • Bioethical Issues
pages 14-15 Fourth Involving Young People in a Pro-Life Ministry
pages 16-17 Fifth There is Help
  • Help for the Pregnant Young Person
  • If it is too late: Help for the Post-abortive Person
Unit IV - Parents/Grandparents/All Adults
page 1 Contents
pages 2-5 Suggestions By Parents Who Have Succeeded
pages 6-12 Activities and Referrals For Parents Who Want To Do More