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"It was bloodguilt that brought me to the foot of the cross and the tender love of Jesus that restored my soul. Their Blood Cries Out is an excellent exposition of justice and mercy. Please read this book and pass it on. It deserves - no it  demands to be studied."

Norma McCorvey
The former Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade

"Listen to the message of this book, and it will change the fabric of your thought about abortion, and who is responsible for it!"

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life
President, National Pro-Life Religious Council

"Justice for the innocent, the helpless, and the oppressed is an inescapable Biblical imperative. This is made abundantly, passionately, and vividly clear in Their Blood Cries Out. Thus, if you are unprepared for the convictions of substantial truth and the compulsion of selfless love, by all means do not read this book. It is that powerful, that persuasive, and that provocative."

George Grant, PH.D.
Director, King's Meadow Study Center and author of over four dozen books, including Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood

"Every once in awhile, it does you good to read a book that makes your blood boil. Their Blood Cries Out is that book!"

Joe Schiedler
National Director Pro-Life League

" This book needs to be on every pro-lifer's shelf. Read it, internalize it's message, and live out the mandate to save babies from abortion."

Mark Crutcher
President,  Life Dynamics, Inc.

"This is the book the pro-life movement has needed for a long, long time. If you're serious about stopping abortion, please read Their Blood Cries Out."

Rev. Patrick Mahoney
Christian Defense Coalition, Washington D.C.

"Their Blood Cries Out breaks new ground in the pro-life cause. It is the most important pro-life thinking to appear in the last decade. I urge Christians to take the message to heart and share it with everyone they can."

Donald S. Smith, LL.D.
Producer, "The Silent Scream"

"Bloodguilt is the moral issue confronting the church. Troy has done the Body of Christ a great service by challenging the church to face the truth. This book is guaranteed to make you think about your part in the greatest moral issue of our day - the sanctity of Human Life!"

Pastor Gary Cass, D.Min.
Westhills Christian Fellowship

"Bloodguilt is a long-forgotten biblical teaching that Troy Newman ably recalls in this book. More than just teaching, the book shows today's startling application."

Paul deParrie
Former editor-in-chief of Life Advocate magazine

"No other book "tells it like it is" the way this book does. A must read for every dedicated pro-lifer."

Gary McCullough
Director, Christian Communication Network

"This book is so powerful that it can change your life! It changed mine!"

Fr. Timothy Hopkins
St. Philomena, Miami, Florida

"This is a heaven-breathed prophetic warning in our present national crisis, where the Abortion Holocaust has continued in the United States for three decades. God hears the cries of the unavenged innocent bloodshed in our land, and in spite of His longsuffering, He promises to judge nations whose laws and institutions fail to protect innocent life from slaughter. The salt has lost it's savor and has not preserved the standard of God's law in society without which there can be no peace. We have chosen apathy over love, comfort over sacrifice, and as a result, the gavel of God's wrath is lifted above us, ready to fall. But there is hope, there is a blood that speaks better things than that of Able, and Newman shows us the way. Troy Newman's monument is a call to judge ourselves, lest we be judged. It is an encouraging exhortation to all who labor to protect the innocent and end the legalized child-killing. It is a roadmap to all who dream of salvation in America and who long to see God's wrath abated and His favor bestowed on us once again."

Patrich Johnston, D.O.
Family Practice, Zanesville, Ohio

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