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Have you been hurt by abortion? Operation Outcry would like to hear from you.

Helping to Overturn Roe vs Wade

"One in four women in America are hurting from past abortions as well as thousands of men, grandparents and others who have participated in the taking of a life through an abortion."
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Before abortion on demand became legal in the United States, as a result of the Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973, we were told by abortion advocates that illegal abortion was tragically harmful to women, but that legal abortion was in fact safer than normal child birth. Actually, the truth is that legal abortion has been tragically harmful to women in a variety of ways. That is not to say that every woman who has an abortion immediately experiences adverse side effects, but many do. The most common side effects are regret, guilt, and depression. Additionally, many women have experienced negative physical side effects and some have even died as result of their abortion.

That there is an abortion/breast cancer link is being vigorously denied by abortion providers despite sound medical research which clearly shows a link.

Women are not being told, by abortion providers, of the serious physical and emotional side effects associated with abortion. When they are hurt they are just supposed to be quiet; because, after all, it was their choice. Yes, but what was that choice based on? Complete factual medical information or biased one-sided advice from an abortion provider who stood to gain financially if an abortion was performed?

Women deserve full medical information when making healthcare decisions and they have the right to speak out when that information is deliberately withheld and then are seriously injured as a consequence.

Operation Outcry was formed to allow women who have been hurt by an abortion to speak out. If you have been hurt by abortion and now believe that abortion should be illegal, Operation Outcry would like to hear from you.

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