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Jeremiah's Miracle Story

The sidewalk counselors holding the big signs of aborted babies in front of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic suddenly heard a horn, screaming and cursing, saw finger signs and a speeding car.

"Wonder what that was all about?" they thought.


A young woman found herself pregnant and in jail. The pressure was strong to abort her baby or to give the baby up through adoption to a county-run system.

Suddenly a visitor to the jail offered a better idea. She could possibly find a Christian home for the baby as she had just picked up a card from a pro-life booth at a Jesus West Coast event. After calling the number on the card and leaving her name, number and a message, she got a call from an attorney representing a young Christian family who had adopted one son and was really praying for another baby.


Jeremiah was born and welcomed into this wonderful family. The baby's mother told the parents how she had driven by Planned Parenthood intending to go in to have an abortion but just couldn't drive in when she saw the big signs of aborted babies.  She was furious. But even though she faced all kinds of troubles, she stuck to her decision to have the baby.


A Witness

I have held Jeremiah and have seen him grow up into a very inquisitive, active, secure and healthy boy. I was privileged to attend his adoption at the court house.

"As we walked through the court house, in most of the halls somber people were talking with their lawyers trying to figure out how to get themselves out of a mess or thinking about a divorce. When we finally found the correct hallway, it was filled with waiting adoptive families and nothing but joy!

"About 20 adoptions took place that morning and as each family left the courtroom everyone clapped and most of the mothers were crying for happiness! Every child is wanted!"

Bev Cielnicky, President of Crusade for Life...Witness