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A Christian Response to Euthanasia


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Leader Information

How Does This Course Work
  The Bible study "A Christian Response to Euthanasia" can be used in a variety of religious educational settings such as:
  • Home Bible study
  • Sunday School class
  • Pastors may elect to show the entire video to their congregations at a special service such as Sunday evening or a Saturday morning. A Saturday morning showing allows inviting other nearby churches to participate.

This course has been organized into four (4) sessions. It is suggested that each session should take between 45-60 minutes which works out to 3 to 4 hours of teaching time. To stay within those time frames, you may need to compress or expand each session as needed. Using a Sunday School class as an example, some Sunday School classes are allotted 45 minutes. The actual teaching time may be only 30 minutes because of announcements, singing and other activities. If that is your situation, teaching this course using five or six sessions, letting the first one be an introductory session, would be wise.

If you are in a more informal setting such as a Home Bible Study you will be able to expand your class time to 1 1/2 hours or so. Obviously a class of this length will allow more time for class discussion.

Leader Preparation
  All of the course materials you will need to teach this course are available two ways:
  1. Order the "Bible Study Package" which includes all the course materials including the DVD "The Right To Kill."
  2. You can also download all the material for this course directly from this site through the PDF links on each session's page with the exception of the "The Right To Kill" DVD which is an essential part of this course and must be ordered separately.

Ordering information for the Bible Study Package, the DVD "The Right to Kill" and other materials are available from the Key Material Order Info link at the top of this page.

The materials for each session are:

  • Teacher outline
  • Student handouts
  • Session Bible verses
  • A portion of "The Right To Kill" DVD

Acquaint yourself with all the study course material. Watch the DVD, become familiar with the handouts, and the session outlines. As you review the material pray about what you have read and viewed. Ask the Lord to guide you in your preparation and leadership. Be open to creative ideas that you may have received during prayer time. Think about those who will be attending and how you can convey the information to them in a way that will be easy to understand. Your own prayers for direction and your prayers for class members will enrich the course.

The teacher outline for each session has a suggested order of activities for the class starting with a welcome and prayer time. It is good to follow the outline but don't feel that it must be followed to the letter.

Each class will be unique depending on the needs of the participants. Try to cover the provided material but be sensitive to the needs of those attending. This will mean spending some extra time on some points; however, there is a lot of material to cover, so, don't let one person divert the entire class. For the sake of the other participants, keep the class moving.

  1. Invitation to Attend

  2. Prior to the date you plan to start the course, announce the series in your church bulletin and/or newsletter. You may want to ask your Pastor to make an announcement or in some other way give an invitation to the church members. You may consider inviting others from outside your church to attend. Just be sure you ask for an R.S.V.P. so you can plan accordingly.

  3. Child Care

  4. You may want to organize some type of baby-sitting arrangements if that hasn't already been done, especially if the class is in the evening. This will help to include families with children.

  5. Equipment

  6. You will need to set up the proper audio visual equipment to show the DVD. That could vary depending on class size but the bigger the better. It needs to be set up so that every participating can see the screen. Make sure the audio equipment is set up and ready to go before the class starts so that class time is not wasted.

  7. Student Notes and Outlines

  8. Make copies of student handouts and session outline before class so that they are ready to be handed out at the appropriate time. Make extra copies, even if there is a copier nearby, just in case someone attends at the last minute or forgot to R.S.V.P.

    It is a good idea to hand out the student notes just before discussion time because if they are handed out earlier the tendency of the participants is to spend time reviewing the material instead of participating in the class.

  9. Sign-in Sheet

  10. You may want to have a sign-in sheet. We have included a sign-in sheet for you (see session 1). Our form includes a space for:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • e-mail address

    It is good to have a clipboard for each sign-in sheet and don't forget the pen/pencil for each clipboard unless you have already made sure all those participating have something to write with.

    By having this information attendees can be kept up to date in the future; however, some people may decide not to sign up and their decision should be respected.

  11. Refreshments
    Refreshments are a symbol of fellowship. When you have them depends on your class size and location. One important consideration is the cleanup following a spill. Let's say the class is a small class meeting in a home. Would a coffee spill on the rug or sofa be a disaster? Probably so, so caution is advised.

    Refreshments and fellowship for the first 15-30 minutes are a nice way to start.

  12. Name Tags
    Name tags are appropriate if the class members don't know each other. We have not included name tags with this course so these will be something you will need to purchase at your local office supply store before your first class session.

  13. Cost
    There is some cost to this course which someone will need pay for. If possible the best approach would be an up front cost of $5.00 from each participant which would cover copies made and purchases made for the class such as Will to Live,  The Mercy Killers, the wallet card, (see Key Material Order Info page) the handouts and folders.

    If this is not practical you can let the class know there are more materials that they can order if they would like to. (See the Key Material Order Info page)

  14. Staying Organized

  15. There is nothing like getting to class only to find that something important (like the DVD) was accidentally left behind. You may be very organized and already have a plan for avoiding such a scenario. If so, good. If not, here is one suggestion. Purchase a plastic portable file holder at your local office supply center such as the one shown.  Everything that is necessary for the class can be kept in this container ready to go in an organized manner. Other items such as pencils or pens can also be easily stored and transported in a file box like this.

    Additionally, something like a pocket folder for each participant would be useful so that the class materials from each session can be keep together. A thin 3 ring binder would be another possibility.

    Another suggestion is to keep each participant's folder in this container between class sessions.



  From Bev Cielnicky - President, Crusade for Life

Thank you for introducing your class to this very important current issue. This study could change their lives! If you have any further questions, please contact:

Crusade for Life
18030 Brookhurst St. #372
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Phone 714- 963 4753
e-mail [email protected]
website: crusadeforlife.org


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