Abortion/Pro-life: A Ministry Opportunity

 7  Essentials for a Pro-Life Church

1. Crusade for Life is dedicated to helping a pastor develop a pro-life church. Crusade for Life has specific materials and practical help for the pastor and his congregation. These include a suggested pro-life library, sample sermons, pro-life scriptures, Bible studies dealing with the issues of life and death, suggested pro-life curriculum, including practical help for the Sunday School teacher and youth leader, to impart important pro-life principles to all members of the church.

2. Crusade for Life has age appropriate curriculum entitled "Raising Life Loving Kids" which can be used as a teaching aid for all age groups from Pre-school to Seniors. It can be found at: http://www.crusadeforlife.org/Prolife%20Curriculum/prolife_curriculum_intro.htm.

3. Crusade for Life acknowledges that Christians need to repent and heal from previous abortions and/or participation in procuring an abortion. A church must have a post abortion support group for women and men.  Healing is necessary to have healthy members in a congregation. We have referrals to help equip a church with post abortion healing.

4. We advocate that each church have a pro-life steering committee sometimes called a Salt and Light Ministry or Respect Life Group.  Church pro-life groups are key to educating a congregation and the public about the dire consequences of abortion because the news media and the public schools often refuse to do so.  Projects include literature distribution to communities and schools, opinion pieces and letters to the editor of local newspapers and meetings with elected officials.

Pro-life youth groups are very effective in reaching other teens with the pro-life message. Excellent examples are teensforlife.com, survivors.la, sohlnet.org, and rockforlife.net.

5. Crusade for Life encourages a church to participation in local pro-life ministries such as pregnancy help centers and activities such as Life Chain, 40 Days for Life  which includes "Standing In The Gap" and so on. Helping save lives at local abortion clinics is an emotional but necessary pro-life outreach.

6. Crusade for Life feels that a pro-life pastor can become a pastoral voice by educating fellow local pastors and encouraging them to be active and involved in pro-life.

7. Just like a church, Crusade for Life is a 501 c3 tax exempt organization but feels participation in government is a necessity to help our county get back to the founding principles and the basics of Christianity.   A church can't promote a political candidate but as a 501 c3, a church can do the following:
  • Register people to vote in a non-partisan manner.
  • Keep the congregation informed on legislation and initiatives.
  • Encourage pro-life/pro-family church members to run for local offices such as school boards, city councils, and then state and national offices.
  • Be a voice for life at local city councils and school boards, at the county level through the supervisors and at state and national levels through locally elected legislators.

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