What Came First,
The Chicken Or The Egg?

We all know that an egg comes from a chicken. But wait, doesn't a chicken come from an egg. Yes that is also true. And that leaves folks scratching their head as they ask, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"

For many years the question of what came first has been debated between those who believe that the world around us was created by an intelligent designer and those who believe that the world came about by a process of evolution. Some say that this is a really hard question but is it really?

An egg does not appear on it's own. An egg is formed by a female chicken (hen) through a complex process. Further, only a fertilized egg will produce a chick, a vital point that often seems to get overlooked, meaning that a male chicken (rooster) must also be present.

Speaking of roosters, how many of us have enjoyed the antics of America's favorite rooster Foghorn Leghorn as he got himself into one scrape after another in the barnyard.

In the biblical account of creation it is stated that on the fifth day winged birds with the ability to reproduce were created. Genesis 1: 21 So God created ... every winged bird according to its kind.

How many different varieties of winged birds were created at the time of creation is not stated; however, for each specie there was a pair consisting of a male and a female and from those pairs came all the different winged bird varieties that we see today. This includes the group we now call chickens of which there are over sixty varieties some of which are very unusual.

Those who believe in Intelligent Design fully realize that most of the different varieties of chickens that exist today are the result of cross-breeding but the basic question still is, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Actually, the answer to that question is, "Two chickens, a male and a female. The fertilized egg came from that pair and from that a new cycle of life began."