1. Article The Transgendered Dilemma - By Joe Dallas from Genesis Counseling. This article first appeared in Christian Research Journal, volume 31, number 1 (2008) On this site it is a 13 page PDF document. As usual, Joe Dallas responds truthfully yet is not condescending.
2. Article Transgender arguments hinge on sex versus gender - can you choose? Dr. Kathy Wallace, BA, BHSc Hons, BM BS, FRACGP - Creation Ministries International. The following statement is from the conclusion of her article: Dr Reiner is quoted in the New York Times saying: “The larger point is that it’s been a monstrous failure, this idea that you can convert a child’s sex by making over the child’s genitals in the sex you’ve chosen. This began in the 1950’s, when surgeons who felt helpless when they encountered intersex children thought they were helping them with sexual reassignment. The psychologists were saying, ‘You can make a boy or a girl or anything you want.’ It wasn’t true. The children often knew it.” (A very worthwhile article)
3. Article Gender Identity Disorder and Transsexual Issues From Institute for Marital Healing
4. Article Gender Identity Disorders In Childhood And Adolescence A Critical Inquiry And Review Of The Kenneth Zucker Research by the NARTH Scientific Advisory Committee - March 2007
5. Article Gender Identity Disorder in Children - By Richard P. Fitzgibbons, M.D. - NARTH Scientific Advisory Board Member (Excellent article written on a layman's level)
6. Website Sex Change Regret  Walt Heyer - From male to female and back again
7. Website Trading my Sorrows Walt Heyer - Similar to his site Sex Change Regret but with a different emphasis
8. Article California transgender students have new law but still face old struggles - Article By Christina Villacorte, Los Angeles Daily News supporting California's AB 1266 legislation
9. Video Gender Free Children  January 3, 2012, Sun News (Canada), The Arena with Michael Coren. Michael and Walt Heyer discuss the danger of giving hormone blockers to children to delay puberty and allow them to live life as the opposite gender.
10. Video Boy Wants to Join Girl Scouts  November 3, 2011, Sun News (Canada), The Arena with Michael Coren.  Michael asks Walt Heyer for his perspective on this breaking news story, as someone who spent his childhood wanting to be a girl as well. 
11. Video Miss Universe Canada Accepts Male Transgender Candidate March 21, 2012, Sun News (Canada), The Arena with Michael Coren. Michael and Walt Heyer discuss the news -- a male transgender will be competing for Miss Universe Canada.
12. Video A Man Undergoes a Hysterectomy  April 26, 2012, Sun News (Canada), The Arena with Michael Coren. Michael and Walt Heyer discuss the news -- a female-to-male transgender's doctor said she needed a hysterectomy. Should insurance cover the cost?
13. Video Gender Bender October 11, 2011, Sun News (Canada), The Arena with Michael Coren. Walt Heyer, a person who went from being a man to a woman to a man again, shares his experience and why he feels people like him need more psychological help than they receive.
14. Website Help 4 Families You Are Not Alone - Deals with GID issues (Gender Identity Disorders) Founder Denise Shick. Her father lived as Becky for 15 years.
15. Article A Pretend Policy for Pretend Girl Athletes - Linda Harvey Dec 12, 2014
16. Article Why We Stopped Doing Sex Change Operations - by Paul R. McHugh Nov. 2004